Brazilian pilots from the 1st Fighter Group

Brazilian pilots

Brazilian pilots from the 1st Fighter Group (1º GAC).
Brazilian pilots flew on American fighters P-47 Thunderbolt. Their motto was the cry “Senta Pύa!”, Which can be translated as “Fight with spurs!” (A call from cockfights). This motto became part of the emblem, which was applied to the costumes of pilots and fuselages of aircraft.

The 1st Fighter Group acted against the German troops in Italy from the autumn of 1944 until the end of World War II in Europe. According to American data, two enemy planes, 1300 cars, 250 wagons and cisterns, 13 locomotives, 8 tanks and armored personnel carriers, 2 radars were destroyed by Brazilian pilots, 2 ships were destroyed, 144 buildings were destroyed, 5 power plants and 9 plants were seriously damaged.



Location: Italy
Date: 1944

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