Bombers B-24 bombing oil fields in Ploiesti

Bombers B-24 bombing oil fields in Ploiesti

American heavy bomber Consolidated B-24 Liberator bombers of the 98 groups are participating in an air raid in the oil fields of the city of Ploiesti, Romania. Operation Tidal Wave.
In the foreground pictures – B-24D 42-63758 Lil Junghaid, in the lower right corner – the explosion of the downed B-24D 42-24197 Tagalong, only five people escaped from his crew.
Operation Tidal Wave was carried out by the 9th and 8th Air Armies of the United States, participated in it from 177 Consolidated B-24 Liberator. As a result, it was destroyed approximately 40% of production capacity; the loss amounted to 54 bombers and 532 pilots.

Photography Location: Ploiesti, Romania
Time taken: August 1, 1943

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