Bomber B-29 burning on the island of Guam

Bomber B-29 burning on the island of Guam

Accident during landing of the bomber Boeing B-29 number 42-94053 «Queen Cathy» 39 bomber group. May 19, 1945, the island of Guam.

During daylight raid on the Japanese city of Tachikawa at «Queen Cathy» started having problems with the engine, while returning the aircraft came down from the runway and burst into flames.
Several crew members suffered burns, one died of his injuries.
Total bomber B-29 “Queen Cathy” from April 19, 1945 has made 8 sorties for bombing Japan. Ninth was the last flight.



Photography Location: Guam, USA
Time taken: 19 May 1945

In : 1945

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