Bomber B-24D “Jerk’s Natural” in Libya

Bomber B-24D

Bomber B-24D (B-24D-1-CO, serial number 41-23711) with its own name “Jerk’s Natural” from the 93rd bomber group of the 328th Bomber Squadron at Gambut Airfield in Libya.

“Jerk” in the name of the aircraft – a reference to the name of the commander of the crew, John (Jack) Jerstad (Jack Jerstad), “Natural” – a combination of 7 and 11 in the dice, and 711 aircraft number (41-23711) ends. Dice are drawn in the nose of the aircraft fuselage. Clover-four-leaf, drawn to the right – a sign that the aircraft was visiting Northern Ireland. Closer to the nose of the aircraft – the silhouette of a submarine, a sign about a sunk German submarine in the Gulf of Mexico in mid-1942. Below – marks on the combat flights of the aircraft.

The plane successfully returned from the raid to the Romanian refineries in Ploesti on August 1, 1943, during which 60 American planes out of 179 were lost.

“Jerk’s Natural” was lost in October 1943 during the raid on Austria.



Location: Libya
Date: August 1943

In : 1943

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