Boeing B-17 “Queen of Hearts” bomber with a broken nose fairing

Boeing B-17 Queen of Hearts


This is a photo of a Boeing B-17G-35VE bomber (serial number 42-97890) “Queen of Hearts” (aka “Lil`Satan”) from the 524th bomber squadron of the 379th bomber group of the 8th US Air Force made after his return from an air raid on June 25, 1944. During the bombardment, the anti-aircraft defense of the Third Reich severely damaged the aircraft’s nose fairing. Bombardier Lieutenant Arthur M. Maatta died immediately, the navigator 2nd Lt. Robert W. Evans was wounded.

The commander of the Boeing B-17 “Queen of Hearts” bomber ordered the crew to get ready to leave the plane, but the seriously wounded Robert W. Evans jumped with a parachute ahead of time. As a result, Robert Evans and tail shooter Joseph Simoncini were captured. Albert Evans died of his wounds in a Nazi hospital. And the damaged bomber got to the base and returned to service after repair.

Boeing B-17 “Queen of Hearts” was finally lost during the raid on Magdeburg on September 28, 1944 (the commander and navigator were killed, 7 crew members were captured).


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Location: United Kingdom
Date: June 25, 1944

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