California battleship and the Neosho tanker during Japanese air raid on Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor

California battleship and the Neosho tanker during a raid by Japanese aviation to Pearl Harbor.

California battleship sank after hitting two torpedoes and two bombs. The crew could save the ship, but left it because of the threat of a fire from the blazing oil stain that leaked from other battleships. The ship sat on the ground, but was later rebuilt.

In the background, the Neosho squad tanker, later sunk by Japanese carrier-based aircraft in the Coral Sea battle in May 1942. According to the happy for the Americans circumstance, as a result of the fact that during the Pearl Harbor attack, the pilots of Japanese aircraft had warships as a clear target, there were no hits in the tanker. The tanks of Neosho were filled with high-octane aviation gasoline.



Location: Pearl Harbor, USA
Date of the photo: 07 December 1941

In : 1941

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