B4 howitzer in the Battle of Danzig

B4 howitzer

A team from the Soviet 203-mm howitzer B-4 under the command of Staff Sergeant S. Shpin in the suburbs Sopot (Sopot is) of Danzig (now – Gdansk, Poland) firing to German troops in Danzig. On the right you can see the Church of the Saviour (Kościół Zbawiciela).

B-4 – Soviet howitzer large capacity caliber 203 mm (8 inches). Full official name of the gun – 203 mm howitzer of model 1931. During the Soviet-Finnish war howitzer B-4 was used to destroy bunkers Mannerheim Line. It is a tool to actively and successfully used in World War II, especially in the assault fortified German defense lines.



Photography Location: Danzig, West Prussia, Germany
Shooting Time: March-April 1945
Author: Jacob Ryumkin




Information about the photo Source:
1. B4 howitzer

In : 1945

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