B-25 Mitchell, shot down by antiaircraft artillery in the bombing of the Japanese oil refinery

B-25 Mitchell

Burning bomber North American B-25J-10-NC Mitchell (serial number 43-36192, “Jaunty Jo” (“Boy Boy Joe”) from the 345th bomber group, shot down by anti-aircraft artillery when bombing a Japanese oil refinery in the city of Byoritsu on the island of Taiwan.

The crew died. The crew of the B-25 Mitchell aircraft included: 1st pilot – 2nd Lieutenant Robert J. Knauf, 2nd pilot – 2nd Lieutenant Martin H. Mulner Jr., navigator – 1st Lieutenant Lloyd E. Bodell, shooter corporal Harold O., Montville, gunner-radio operator Sergeant Tennyson C. Harrell.



Location: Byoritsu, Taiwan, China
Date: May 25, 1945


Source of B-25 Mitchell: commons.wikimedia.org.

In : 1945

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