Australian Vendetta destroyer in the port in 1940-1941

Vendetta destroyer

Australian Vendetta destroyer (HMAS Vendetta) in the harbor of one of the Allied ports in 1940-1941.

Vendetta destroyer had side numbers D69 and I69, belonged to V&W class destroyers. Built in the UK for the Royal Navy of Great Britain under the same name. The Vendetta destroyer construction began on November 25, 1916, launched on September 3, 1917, and was accepted into the British fleet on October 17, 1917. As part of the Royal Navy, the destroyer participated, in particular, in the second battle in Helgoland Bay (November 17, 1917) and operations against the military -Navy fleet of Soviet Russia at the end of 1918 in the Baltic Sea.

The Vendetta destroyer was sold to Australia in October 1933 and was accepted into its navy on November 11, 1933.

With the outbreak of World War II in October 1939, the Vendetta destroyer was transferred to the Mediterranean Sea. August 17, 1940 and January 3, 1941 was part of the squadron that carried out the bombing of the fort of Capuzzo in the vicinity of the port of Bardia in Libya. Vendetta destroyer participated in the supply and evacuation of Allied forces in Greece and Crete in 1940-1941. From May to August 1941, it was attached to the supply forces of the Tobruk garrison. On July 11, 1941, the Vendetta destroyer towed the damaged British destroyer Defender (HMS Defender). In October 1941 he moved to Singapore and got up for repairs. Due to the deteriorating situation in Singapore, on February 2, 1942, the Vendetta destroyer was towed to Australia by several warships; arrived in Fremantle on March 3, 1942. Later he was towed to Melbourne at a speed of about 2 knots due to bad weather, as a result he arrived in Melbourne on April 15, 1942, where he was renovated and modernized. Vendetta destroyer returned to service (with a complete change of crew) in September 1942. Until the end of World War II, it was used to escort maritime convoys between Australia and New Guinea.

The Vendetta destroyer was withdrawn from the Australian Navy on November 27, 1945.

Source: Australian Department of Defense.

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Venue: Mediterranean
Photo Time: 1940-1941

In : 1941

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