Australian Perth light cruiser in the port of Alexandria

Perth light cruiser

Australian Perth Light Cruiser (HMAS Perth) in the port of Alexandria, North Africa.

“Perth” light cruiser from the end of 1940 operated in the Mediterranean. May 30, 1941 damaged by German bombers near the island of Crete. At the end of 1941 he returned to Australia. In February 1942, the cruiser managed to survive after the defeat of the Allied Navy during the battle in the Java Sea. During the battle with the Japanese Navy in the Sunda Strait on February 28, 1942, the Perth was hit by four torpedoes and a multitude of 203-mm shells. March 1, 1942 at 0.25 the ship went to the bottom. Of the team of 681 people, 353 died during the battle; 4 more died on the shore; the rest were captured. Of the last 106, they died in captivity; 4 were released in September 1944, when the ship carrying them was sunk; 214 people returned to Australia after the war.

Location: Alexandria, Egypt
Photo date: January 1941

In : 1941

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