Assisting the mortally wounded sailor on the American “Spencer” ship

Assisting the mortally wounded sailor

Assisting the fatally wounded Radioman 3\c by Julius T. Petrella. Wounds were received on board the Spencer US Coast Guard ship (USCGC Spencer) as a result of friendly fire (shrapnel) from the armed merchant ships of the HX233 convoy, which escorted the Spencer.
Medical assistance is provided by Pharmacist’s Mate 1/c Daniel Jack Horton.

“Spencer” at this time attacked and sank the German U-175 submarine. From a friendly fire, 25 people were injured; the boat launched from the Spencer was damaged to rescue the surviving crew of the U-175.

Julius Petrell died from his wounds on the same day and was buried at sea.

This photo was later used to campaign for a subscription to US military bonds of the 6th issue (US War Bond Drive) with the following text:

«HE COULD AFFORD TO SACRIFICE HIF LIFE – CAN YOU AFFORD TO BUY ANOTHER WAR BOND? His hands cleared in death’s agony, this Coast Guardsman falls mortally wounded at his battle station. Tender, swift hands of his shipmates are helpless. This is a road to final victory. His sacrifice will not have been in vain, if our freedom is preserved. Support the Sixth War Bond Drive by investing today in that final victory”.

Location: Atlantic
Photo date: April 17, 1943

In : 1943

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