Assembling of M3A1 Scout Car at the American plant

Scout Car M3A1

Build of armored reconnaissance vehicles M3A1 Scout Car at the American plant White Motor Company in Cleveland, Ohio.

Armored reconnaissance vehicle is a light armored personnel carrier created on the chassis of an all-wheel drive commercial truck. In 1941 the company “White Motor Company” launched the production of the first production version of M3A1, releasing 20.918 units by the end of 1944. Since 1941, the M3A1 Scouts were the standard armament of reconnaissance battalions and cavalry squadrons of tank, and then infantry divisions. In addition, they were used as tractors for anti-tank guns, ambulances and staff vehicles. M3A1 “Scout” was widely supplied by Lend-Lease to the allies in the anti-Hitler coalition – Great Britain, France, the USSR, and also was in service with the Polish and Czechoslovak units on the Western Front and in Italy.



Location: Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Date: December 1941
Author: Alfred Palmer

In : 1941

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