Artilleryman Senior Lieutenant Mikhail Alexandrovich Shutyy near Berlin

Lieutenant Mikhail Alexandrovich Shutyy

Lieutenant Mikhail Aleksandrovich Shutyy near Berlin. He is the Battery Commander of the 45-mm cannons as part of the 83rd Guards Rifle Regiment of the 27th Guards Rifle Division of the 8th Guards Army; Previously, he commanded a platoon of 76-mm regimental guns OB-25.

On the chest of Mikhail Alexandrovich Shutyy awards:
1) the Order of the Red Star was received on April 29, 1944 for a diversion operation on the right bank of the Southern Bug River (a platoon of Shutiny was occupied by a bridgehead for three days in the water of the spilled Southern Bug);
2) Order of the Patriotic War of the II degree received on 02/20/1945 for actions in breaking through the long-term defense near the village of Yesyanets (commanded a platoon);
3) Order of the Patriotic War of the I degree received on 03/19/1945 for actions during the storming of the fortress city of Poznan (commanded by the battery).

He was awarded medals “For the liberation of Warsaw”, “For the capture of Berlin” and “For the victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.” He was wounded, shell-shocked.

Source: family archive A.M. Shutyy

Location: Germany
Image Time: May 25, 1945

In : 1945

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