American warships return to Uliti Atoll after operation against Japanese forces in the Philippines

American warships

American warships from TG 38.3 return to their base on the Uliti Atoll after operations against the Japanese forces in the Philippines.
In the foreground is the light aircraft carrier Langley (Langley (CVL-27), followed by the aircraft carrier Ticonderoga (Ticonderoga (CV-14).
Further visible are the superstructures of the battleships: “Washington” (Washington (BB-56), “North Carolina” (North Carolina (BB-55) and “South Dakota” (South Dakota (BB-57), light cruisers: “Santa Fe” ( Santa Fe (CL-60), Biloxi (Biloxi (CL-80), Mobile (Mobile (CL-63) and Oakland (Oakland (CL-95).

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Location: Philippines
Date: December 12, 1944

In : 1944

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