American submarine Barb in the sea

submarine Barb

Submarine “Barb” (USS Barb, SS-220) class “Gato” in the sea after modernization at the shipyard Mare Island on January 29, 1944. In the photo, the handwriting of Commander Eugene B. Fluckey, surnamed Lucky Flucky, “The submarine that sank most of the tonnage on Japanese reports”.

Barb submarine is one of the most famous submarines of the US Navy during the Second World War. In addition to a large number of sunk ships with torpedo weapons and guns, went down in history for two reasons. The first – as the first boat-missile carrier. Carried a system of salvo fire 5-inch missiles, which successfully used on settlements on the coast of the Kuril Islands, Sakhalin and Hokkaido, causing fires. The most interesting thing is that the submariners did not go to depth after the volley, but from the bottom of their hearts they laughed at the searchlights of the anti-aircraft guns flying in the sky. The second fact – her train was destroyed train! A landed group of eight men, under the command of Lieutenant Walker, with a 24 kilogram charge, blew up a train consisting of a locomotive, 12 freight, 2 passenger and mail cars and returned safely aboard the submarine. This was the only ground operation of the Americans directly on the Japanese islands.

On December 13, 1954 the Barb submarine was sold to Italy and became part of its fleet under the name Enrico Tazzoli (S-511).



Location: USA
Date: 1944

In : 1944

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