American soldiers drink wine on the street of a ruined French town

American soldiers

The US military is drinking wine on the street destroyed by the hostilities of the French town of La Haye du Puits.
American soldiers, from left to right: Robert McCarthy from New Ark, New Jersey, Sergeant Harold Smith, Brush Creek, Tennessee and Sergeant Richard Bennett from Wilks Barr, Pennsylvania. The soldiers are armed with Thompson submachine guns model M1.
La Haye du Puits was liberated from the German troops defending it (the 35th Infantry Division) by the American 79th, 90th Infantry Divisions, the 749th Tank Battalion and the 82nd Parachute Division from the 5th to 8th July 1944.

Location: La Haye du Puits, France
Date: July 5, 1944

In : 1944

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