American Marine and Japanese Type 94 tankette

Type 94

The American Marine is posing against the backdrop of the abandoned Japanese Type 94 tankette.

On February 1, 1944, the 4th US Marine Division landed on the Roy Namur islands – only 10 of M4A2 Sherman tanks and 3 light M5A1 A and C tanks from the 4th Marine Corps tank battalion, as well as 10 of the M5A1 company “B” to support the 24th Marine Division. After 2 hours, the landing on Roy Namur was over. Strengthening of the Japanese here were strong, and the Americans had to call for help – four M4A2 tanks. This night the Japanese were able to break up. They had at their disposal several light tanks Type 94 (with machine guns) and one floating tank of the Fleet Type 2 “Ka-mi” could not withstand the medium tanks “Sherman”.



Place of photo: Marshall Islands
Date of the photo: February 1944

In : 1944

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