American A-20 Havoc bomber attacks a Japanese transport ship

bomber A-20 Havoc

American A-20-30DO Havoc bomber (serial number 43-9477) Tobias the Terrible from the 89th assault squadron of the 3rd bomber group of the 5th Air Army of the US Air Force attacks the Japanese sea transport vessel “Taiei Maru”. During the approach to the target by anti-aircraft fire, the engine and the hydraulic system of the bomber were damaged from the ship, pilot John Salok practically lost control of the aircraft, but decided to continue the attack. After dropping bombs, the bomber caught the edge of the wing and the propeller over the mast of the ship did not manage to gain speed and altitude and the plane fell in a few kilometers. The crew was rescued after a while.



Location: Bismarck Sea
Date: March 1943

In : 1943

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