American B-17 bombers from the 26th Squadron fly over the Pacific Ocean

B-17 bombers

Bombers Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress from the 26th Squadron of the 11th Bomber Group fly over the Pacific Ocean in its south-western part.

B-17F-20-BO (number 41-24531) in the foreground was shot down by a Japanese Zero fighter over the Tonolei harbor of Buna Island Solomon Islands on November 18, 1942. During the attack, pilot Major Allen J. Seward and Second Pilot Lieutenant Jack Lee were killed, one engine caught fire. Colonel LaVerne Saunders put the B-17 on the water 50 km from Tonoli near a small island. Three hours later, they were discovered by an Australian coastal observer. The crew successfully returned to Guadalcanal.

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Location: Pacific
Photo date: 1942

In : 1942

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