American Ticonderoga aircraft carrier after the attack of the Japanese kamikaze

aircraft carrier Ticonderoga

The US Ticonderoga aircraft carrier (CV-14) after the Japanese kamikaze attack, the Kamikaze aircraft crashed into the flight deck, and its bomb exploded right over the hangar with airplanes, several aircraft were destroyed, a fire began, but the competent actions of Captain Kiefer for control the ship was allowed to control the situation.

The Japanese noticed that the ship was damaged, and continued attacks of kamikaze. Ticonderoga’s anti-aircraft guns destroyed three more Japanese aircraft, but the fourth still managed to get into the ship. The explosion killed and wounded about 100 sailors, among the wounded was the captain. Nevertheless, the crew, reflecting new attacks by the Japanese, localized the fire and prevented fatal destruction. Later the Ticonderoga aircraft carrier was repaired and served until 1973.



Date: January 21, 1945

In : 1945

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