Adolf Hitler awards young soldiers from Hitler Youth

Adolf Hitler

The Reich Chancellor of the Third Reich and the Führer of the Nazi Party Adolf Hitler in the garden of the Imperial Chancellery reward young soldiers from Hitler Youth.
This is one of the last photographs of Adolf Hitler. In the center, awarded with iron crosses of the 2nd class, the young natives of Silesia: the second from the right is the 12-year-old Alfred Czech, the third from the right is the 16-year-old Wilhelm Hubner, he is also known from photography with Dr. Josef Goebbels in Lauban.
To the left of Adolf Hitler, part of the cap of one of the “leaders” of the youth of the 3rd Reich Arthur Aksmann (1913-1996).


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Location: Berlin, Germany
Date: March 23, 1945
By Heinrich Hoffmann

In : 1945

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