A group of scouts under the command of Lieutenant Andrei Soitu around the map

A group of scouts

A group of Soviet intelligence officers from the 132 rifle regiment of the 27 rifle division of the 26th Army under the command of Lieutenant of the Red Army Andrei Adamovich Soitu (born 1914).

From left to right: Junior Sergeant Andrei Stepanovich Kazakov (born 1918), Sergeant Grigory Fedorovich Matyunin (born 1921),
Senior Sergeant Feodor Gavrilovich Feofanov (b. 1918), Red Army soldier Vasily Mikhailovich Pigolov (born 1906), Red Army man Ivan Nikitich Chernyak (born 1922), Red Army man Vasily Andreyevich Zaretsky (born 1921). Karelian front.

Sources of information about the photo:

  1. Newspaper “To the Battle for the Motherland” No. 263 (761) of November 5, 1943

Location: Karelia, USSR
Image Date: 1943
Photo by S. Raskin

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