A damaged American B-17 Flying Fortress bomber is trying to fly to its territory

B-17 Flying Fortress

American bomber B-17G-35-BO (serial number 42-32109) Mizpah of the 840th Bomber Squadron of the 483rd Bomber Group of the 15th Air Force on July 14, 1944, carried out a combat mission in Hungary (Budapest, Ferencvaros), the purpose of which was to destroy the sorting railway stations of the enemy.

The antiaircraft missile hit right into the bow of the bomber, the navigator and the scorer died. Crew of B-17 Flying Fortress “Mizpah” did everything possible to leave the enemy territory and fly to the territory of the Allies. He failed, the plane crashed near the Hungarian city of Dunavece, all eight of the surviving crew members were taken prisoner.

In : 1944

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