95th Infantry Division of the Red Army rejoice in honor of the victory in the Battle of Stalingrad

95th Infantry Division of the Red Army

The best soldiers of the 95th Infantry Division of the Red Army (62nd Army) after the liberation of the Barricades plant were photographed near the workshop, which continued to burn. The soldiers rejoice at the thanks received by the Supreme Commander Joseph Stalin to the units of the Don Front. In the first row to the right is the division commander, Colonel Vasily Akimovich Gorishny.

For valor and bravery of fighters and commanders, shown in the battles for Stalingrad, the 95th Rifle Division was given the rank of Guards, and on March 1, 1943 it was transformed into the 75th Guards Rifle Division. The division commander, Colonel Vasily Gorishny was awarded the Order of the Red Banner, he was awarded the title of “Guard, Major General.” 210 soldiers and division commanders were presented with government awards.

Source of photo information:

  1. “Great Patriotic War.” Monthly illustrated magazine. 1943, №1. Reprint Edition. Volgograd

Location: Stalingrad, USSR
Date: February 02, 1943
Photo by Georgiy Zelma

In : 1943

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