305 mm mortar M16 and Czechoslovak soldiers

305 mm mortar M16, Czechoslovak soldiers

Czechoslovak soldiers serve the 305-mm mortar vz.16 (M16) of Czech production of the company “Skoda”. Soldiers wearing helmets vz. 32.

In total, the Czechoslovak army was armed with 17 of vz.16 mortars during the interwar period. All of them were captured by the Nazis and entered into service with heavy artillery divisions under the designation of 30.5 cm Morser (t) and 638 (j) with a total of 23 pieces (along with Yugoslav mortars).

Sources of information about the photo:

  1. Česko-slovenská armáda Praha 1938

Location: Czechoslovakia
Picture Time: 1938

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In : 1938

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