152 mm D-1 wwii howitzer firing to German troops in Belarus

D-1 howitzer

The battery of 152-mm D-1 wwii howitzer of model 1943 is to fire the defending German troops. Belarus, summer 1944.
This is a very famous photograph of the figure due to the wounded officer in the foreground.
The Soviet photo albums of this image from wwii howitzer called “Stand to Death,” which seems illogical, since it is suitable for a fierce defense (such as, for example, in September-October 1942 in Stalingrad), and in Belarus, Soviet troops did not stand, and attacked, sweeping away for 2 months of Army Group “Center” of the Wehrmacht and lost 5 times less a person than the German army.



Place: Belarus

Shooting time: June-August 1944
Author: Emmanuel Evzerihin

In : 1944

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