Young Red Army scout – Valya Zhavoronkov

scout Valya Zhavoronkov

The commander of the first rifle battalion of the 147th Guards rifle regiment of the 49th Guards rifle division of the 2nd Ukrainian Front of the Guards, Major Vasiliy Konstantinovich Romanenko (born in 1910, second person to the right) tells the Yugoslav partisans and residents of the village Starchevo (in the Belgrade region) about combat affairs of the Yugoslav partisans and residents of the village Starchevo (near Belgrade). Red Army – Guard Corporal Valentin Alekseevich Zhavoronkov (born in 1927).
In 1941, near the city of Nikolayev, Valya Zhavoronkov joined the partisan detachment, and in September 1942 he voluntarily joined one of the units of the Red Army.


Sources of information about the photo:
1. Valya Zhavoronkov



Location: Starchevo, Yugoslavia
Date: October 1944
Photo by Anatoly Egorov

In : 1944

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