Vickers Wellington bomber in flight

Vickers Wellington

English Vickers Wellington bomber in flight.
Shown here is Wellington Mk.IA (N2887) of the CGS (Central Gunnery Scchool) based at Sutton Bridge flying south-east of Chatteris, 24th June, 1943.

Vickers Wellington – British twin-engine medium bomber of long-range, designed in the mid-1930s. Widely used in the first two years of the Second World War, after which he was replaced by the larger four-engine aircraft such as the Avro Lancaster, and was used mainly in transport operations. Vickers Wellington was widely known as the Wimpy, so named in honor of J. Wellington Wimpy, cartoon character “Popeye”.
In 1936-1945 years 11 464 Vickers Wellington aircraft were built.

Vickers Wellington bomber

In : 1943

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