Transfer of Pe-2 “Taganrog Pioneer” to the 135th Guards Bomber Aviation Regiment


Transfer of Pe-2 “Taganrog Pioneer” dive bomber to the 135th Guards Taganrog Bomber Aviation Regiment.

The Pe-2 was built on money collected by Taganrog schoolchildren after the liberation of the city on August 30, 1943. The transfer took place on May 19, 1944 on Pioneer Day at the aerodrome Vesyoloe in the Crimea.

The first crew was made up of pilot Pyotr Moiseyev, navigator Vladimir Peshiy and gunner-radio Vladimir Monaev. In addition to Peter Moiseyev, on this Pe-2 plane flew Andrei Zaplavnov and Nikolai Bondarenko, who subsequently wrote the book “Let’s fly to reconnoitre.” All the crew survived the war.

In total, Pe-2 Taganrog Pioneer made 73 combat sorties. He fought in the Crimea, Byelorussia, Lithuania, East Prussia. Used mainly for reconnaissance. Was decommissioned in 1949.



Location: Aerodrome Vesyoloe, Crimea, Russia
Date: May 19, 1944

In : 1944

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