The Wehrmacht soldier Yang Kyoungjong interrogated by the Americans

Yang Kyoungjong

A soldier of the German army Yang Kyoungjong (양경종, 1920 – 1992), of Korean origin, a true Aryan, is interrogated by an American officer. Among others, he was caught during a raid on disorientated and scattered soldiers of German units on the beaches of France.

Yang Kyoungjong was born in 1920 in the north-west of Korea. He was drafted into the Kwantung Army of the Japanese Imperial Army. He was captured by the Red Army during the fighting on the Khalkhin-Gol river and was kept in a labor camp. In 1942 he fought in the Red Army units. In 1943, during the fighting in Ukraine (the third battle for Kharkov) was taken prisoner in Germany and sent to the East Battalion in France. He served in northern Normandy near the beach of Utah, where he was captured by American soldiers at the approach of the Allies in 1944.



Location: Normandy, France
Date: 1944

In : 1944

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