The crew of the heavy tank JS-2 from the 222nd regiment on vacation

crew of JS-2

The crew of the heavy tank JS-2 from the 222th separate tank Ropshinsky Red Banner Order of Kutuzov of the III degree of the regiment on vacation. Author’s name of the photo is “Musical moment”.
Charging Private Boris Vasilyevich Kalyagin (born in 1924) plays the harmonium for his crew. Next to him stands the driver Konstantin Alexandrovich Kargopolov (born in 1923). On the tank turret the commander of the gun was privat Ivan Andreevich Kazeikin (born in 1922) and the commander of the platoon of the Guard Lieutenant Boris Ivanovich Degtyarev (born in 1923). The 6th Army of the 1st Ukrainian Front.



Location: Breslau, Germany
Date: April 27, 1945
Author: Anatoly Egorov



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In : 1945

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