The battle in the North Ossetian village of Giselle

The battle in the North Ossetian

The battle in the North Ossetian village of Giselle, Vladikavkaz area (at the time – Ordzhonikidze), where it was stopped the German offensive in the North Caucasus. November 7, 1942.

From the summary of the Soviet Information Bureau from September 3, 1942: “… the situation at the front in the area of ​​Ordzhonikidze deteriorated sharply. On October 30-31, the enemy, breaking into Uruhskom pass, tanks and machine gunners quickly moved towards the capital of North Ossetia, approached her at a distance of 5-6 kilometers from the village of Giselle and Arhonskoy station. At the same time the part of Giselle village the Germans are trying to cut off the Georgian Military Highway, in which the defense Koban Gorges area are weak. The enemy brought up significant numbers of aircraft and tanks, and having the advantage in the air, three days produces uninterrupted fierce bombardment of the city and its surrounding villages such has caused a lot of death and destruction. The last three days of the enemy, being close to the city, it leads on artillery fire. “

Of special reports People’s Commissar of Internal Affairs of the North Ossetian ASSR Major Tegkaev on November 10, 1942: “… the battalion, consisting of graduate students and junior officers – border guards, defense Ordzhonikidze held November 7, 1942, three battalions of companies (most capable) on the orders Kiselev battalion commander had been removed from the defense and thrown into the attack on the village of Giselle. The bloody battles lieutenants company suffered heavy casualties – 15 killed, 75 missing and 48 injured. November 8 remnants of the battalion were again thrown into the attack. “



Photography Location: Giselle, North Ossetia
Time taken: November 7, 1942
Author: Victor Temin

In : 1942

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