T-35 multi-turret tank, abandoned in the town of Grodek

T-35 multi-turret tank, abandoned in the town of Grodek

German soldiers visiting the Soviet T-35 multi-turret tank abandoned on the street Lviv from Grodek (Lviv region, Lviv street – a stretch of road Przemysl-Lviv). This tank from the 67th armored regiment of the 34th Tank Division of the 8th Mechanized Corps of the South-Western Front. T-35 multi-turret tank release in 1939 with conical turrets and direct under the turret box, released 7 of tanks (air-744-61 at 744-67 inclusive). This T-35 multi-turret tank has a serial number 744-62. With direct under the turret box it was released in all 3 tanks.

T-35 multi-turret tank abandoned near the checkpoint of the military unit on the south side of the street of Lviv (according to the locals, there is also a military unit was located after the war). T-35 multi-turret tank “has been damaged, torn cut chafer and burned in the on-board clutch Grodekov area. The shells all shot, tank made unusable. Weapons dismantled.”
The commander of the T-35 multi-turret tank – Taranenko.



Photography Location: Grodek, Ukraine, USSR
Time taken: 1941

In : 1941

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