Soviet pilots Nikolai Gerasimov and Ivan Popov next to the I-16 fighter

I-16 fighter

Soviet pilots next to the I-16 fighter.

Right – Hero of the Soviet Union Nikolai Semenovich Gerasimov (1911-1960). Gold Star number 114 from 23.02.1939. During the Great Patriotic War he commanded an air regiment and an air division.

In the center there is a pilot, Major Ivan Ivanovich Popov (1909-1941). In 1941 he was the commander of the 271th Fighter Aviation Regiment. He died October 14, 1941 in an aerial battle over Rostov-on-Don, was buried in a cemetery near the graves of those killed in the Finnish war.

The photo was taken in the second half of 1940 or in 1941 before the war.

In : 1941

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