Soviet and US officers at the airport in Poltava, Ukraine

Soviet and US officers at the airport in Poltava, Ukraine

Soviet and American officers. 169th Airbase of special purpose, 81 th Guards Bomber Aviation Regiment, Poltava airfield. From left to right (facing the camera): Major General A.R. Porminov, commander of the 169th ABON, translator Captain Henry Ware and General Walsh.

In 1943, the US government asked Joseph Stalin to allow the heavy bombers of the US Air Force to fly over Soviet territory for the bombing in eastern Germany and the objectives in the Balkans, so they do not go back to England or Italy. In early 1944, the Soviet Union has allocated for this flight three fields in Ukraine in Poltava region: Poltava, Mirgorod and Piryatin (Poltava airfield complex, 169th Airbase of special purpose). Airfields were covered by Soviet air defense aircraft on airfields themselves everything was organized at the highest level.


Recording location: Poltava, Ukraine, USSR
Time taken: June 1944




In : 1944

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