sIG-33 self-propelled howitzer and abandoned KV-2 heavy tank

sIG-33, KV-2

German self-propelled howitzer sIG-33 passes the crew abandoned Soviet heavy tank KV-2 from the 2nd Armored Division of the 3rd Mechanized Corps of the 11th Army of General Morozov.

KV-2 in the picture is very rare – it has a turret MT-1, these were produced only 24 pieces.

Self-propelled howitzer sIG 33 auf Pz.Kpfw. 1 Ausf. B (heavy infantry gun model 1933 chassis 1B, according to other sources – assault gun) is a heavy infantry weapon sIG-33, mounted on tank chassis Pz.Kpfw. I and equipped with armored shields to protect the crew. It was originally built two prototypes with a 150-mm gun sIG 30 (schweres Infanterie Geschutze – heavy infantry weapon): sIG 30 with a barrel length of 11.4 gauge was installed on the tank chassis with the gun carriage and wheels! However, mass-produced cars has been applied over a new tool sIG 33, of the same caliber, adopted by the Wehrmacht in 1936. It is a tool set to the last issued by ACS is already on special props, and then the wheels were removed. To protect calculation tools have been built around the construction quite intimidating when compared with itself chassis size of 10 mm armor plates. In addition to increasing the height of almost 3 meters and weight of the car has increased to 8.5 tons, which is not the best way affected the terrain, already very modest. In addition the car has received a greater propensity to roll over. The crew consisted of 4 persons. The angle of the horizontal fire was 12.5 °, vertical – from -4 ° to + 75 °. The initial velocity of the projectile – 240 m / s, and range up to 4700 m. Until 1941, this tool did not have full-time armor-piercing ammunition, but in the fall it began to be completed with the cumulative projectile Gr 39 H1 / A weight of 25 kg, had an initial velocity of 280 m / s. From a distance of 100 meters, he pierced the armor thickness of 160 mm. However, these self-propelled guns ammunition HEAT projectiles almost never occur. The ammunition consisted of 33 guns sIG shrapnel. high-explosive and smoke grenades. In January-February 1940, the company produced 38 Alkett ACS.


Time taken: 1941

In : 1941

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