Russian scouts Efremov and Ashirov

Russian scouts

Russian scouts, future Heroes of the Soviet Union Peter Yefremov and Seytkasim Ashirov (Decree of 24 March 1945, the medal number 6117).

Ashirov Seytkasim – the commander of a unit of 332 front-line intelligence Infantry Regiment, 96 th Infantry Division of the 48th Army of the 1st Byelorussian Front, Sergeant. Ashirov Seytkasim particularly distinguished himself in the battle for the village of Zabolote Baranovichi district, Brest region of Belarus. July 8, 1944 led by a sergeant Ashirov intelligence group went into the enemy’s rear, suddenly attacked a mortar battery, captured seven of the Nazis led by an officer, put out of action six mortars, two tractor from the enemy.
Using the panic in the camp of the enemy, 332 th Infantry Regiment successfully completed combat mission, deeply penetrated the defenses of the Nazis.



Image Time: Spring – Summer 1943

In : 1943

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