Russian marines hoisting the flag on Mount Mithridates in Kerch

Russian naval infantry

Russian marines: Vladimir Ivashov and Nikolai Ganzyuk hoisting Marine flag on the highest point of Kerch – Mount Mithridates after the expulsion of the Nazi invaders. Crimea.

Finally Kerch was liberated from invaders April 11, 1944 by the forces of Russian naval infantry. In October – November 1943, the Nazis conducted a forced evacuation of the population of Kerch and its environs. At the time of the release of Kerch in the city there were only 30 inhabitants.


Photography Location: Kerch, Crimea
Date: April 11, 1944
Author: Eugene Chaldey



Information about the photo Source:
1. “The memory of fire years.” Collection. Military Publishing. 1975

In : 1944

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