Pilot Semyon Sibirin congratulates his French colleague Albert Littolf

Pilot Semyon Sibirin congratulates his French colleague Albert Littolf

Soviet pilot, commander of the 1st Squadron of the 18th GvIAP captain Simon Sibirin, shot down five German planes, congratulates the French fighter pilot Captain Albert Littolf after air combat, in which he shot down a German plane Fw-189. In the background, the Yak-1B fighter squadron of “Normandy”.

Semyon Sibirin in July 1944 was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. By the end of the war he had to his credit 16 downed aircraft and 1 person in the group. May 6, 1949 died in the line of duty.

Albert Littolf died in a dogfight over the fasting month having been made this photo – 16 July 1943. It had 6 kills himself By the time of the death of his account, in the group of 8 (10 of the 14 aircraft shot down Littolf, fighting against the Germans in France, North Africa and Crete) and 2 unconfirmed enemy aircraft. He was posthumously awarded the Order of the Patriotic War 1st degree.



Time taken: 17 June 1943
Written by Michael Savin

In : 1943

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