Loading of military equipment for the invasion of Normandy in Brixham Harbour

Brixham Harbour

Landing ships in the English Brixham Harbour loading military equipment for troops preparing to invade Normandy. Total support for the amphibious assault meant 20 thousand units of cars and armored vehicles.
Life in Brikskheme centered around Brixham harbour. Brixham Harbour – one of Britain’s busiest fishing ports. Favourite entertainment of tourists in Brixham harbour – walking on the numerous small commercial bench in the port area, the daily monitoring of the unloading of the catch of fish, as well as works by artists-seed exhibited on the waterfront of Brixham harbour. Here you can buy the freshest fish and seafood or enjoy a ready-made dishes at the restaurant or pub. On the beaches of Brixham Harbour you can rent chalets and bungalows.



Photography Location: Brixham harbour, England
Time taken: June 1, 1944
Author: Nehez

In : 1944

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