Japanese “Ise” battleship under the American bombs

Ise battleship

The picture shows the rupture of an American bomb near the starboard side of the Japanese Ise battleship, rebuilt into a carrier of seaplanes.

On the morning of July 24, 1945, about 30 aircraft taking off from the aircraft carriers of Vice-Admiral John McCain, which were part of Admiral Halsey’s TF38, attacked the Ise battleship in Kure Bay. During the second attack, the battleship received a bomb in the bridge, while the captain of the ship Mutaghuchi (the rear admiral posthumously) and other nearby officers and sailors died. Commander took command of the anti-aircraft artillery battleship captain-lieutenant Moruka Isamu. During the day, the battleship received 5 direct hits and an uncalculated number of close blasts. The crew lost 50 people killed and a large number of wounded.

Location: Kure, Japan
Date: July 24, 1945

In : 1945

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