Hit the bomb in the battleship “Yamato” during the battle in the sea Sibuyan

battleship Yamato

Battleship “Yamato” under the bombs of American deck aircraft on October 24, 1944.
In the photo, one of two (according to other sources, four) hits of bombs in the Japanese battleship. In this air raid (the fifth attack on the Japanese compound at 1.30 pm) aircraft from the aircraft carriers Essex and Lexington were loaded with erroneous 500 pound bombs, so the damage to Japanese warships was relatively small. From hitting the “Yamato” battleship, the most serious was hit in the bow of the ship – in the anchor rooms of the port side. The ship took 2,000 tons of water and received a noticeable roll, which was quickly eliminated.
At this time, the battleship Musashi was already doomed, he walked alone at a speed of about 16 knots, and sank after the sixth attack at 19.35.



Location: Sea Sibuyan, Philippine archipelago
Date: October 24, 1944

In : 1944

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