“Hedgehog” anti-submarine weapon on the Soviet destroyer “Zhivuchiy”

Hedgehog weapon

Charging the multi-barrel anti-submarine weapon “Hedgehog” on the Soviet destroyer “Zhivuchiy” (before 1940 “Fairfax”, until 1944 “Richmond”).
This destroyer of the “Town” type built in the United States in 1917 in August 1944 was transferred to the Northern Fleet for temporary use from England as a result of reparations from Italy.
The sailor in the center removes the protective covers of the fuses from the depth charges.
Bombing Hedgehog, in the Soviet classification multi-barrel bomb machine Mk 10 “Hedgehog” – the British anti-submarine weapon, used during the Second World War on all ships of the Royal Navy of Great Britain, as well as on some ships of the Navy of the USSR.



Location: USSR

In : Unknown

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