German soldiers examine the tank KV-2

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German soldiers examine the tank KV-2

German soldiers examine abandoned Soviet heavy tank KV-2. To the left you can see the light tank flamethrower HT-26 (Chemical T-26) – also abandoned.


Time taken: 1941


Of light tank HT-26:
In 1932, in accordance with the decree of the USSR Revolutionary Military Council of the Military-chemical control of the Red Army were ordered “to develop a prototype of a chemical tank T-26, to equip it with the device to start up a smoke screen, flamethrower and adapting to contamination with chemical agents.” Chairman of the Revolutionary Military Council of Voroshilov, his zamestitelTuhachevsky.

HT-26 was designed in the same year. Depending on the combat mission tank HT-26, in addition to flame mixture, could be filled with a mixture of smoke-forming, toxic substances, and water or liquid soap for decontamination areas.

The effectiveness of flamethrowers and chemical stripping enemy trenches was proved in the First World War. This experience drew Italians creating your flamethrower tank CV3 LF Italians were the first to use their tanks in the fighting: in the Second Italo-Ethiopian War of 1935-1936 years, during the Spanish Civil War in 1936-1938.


World War  2: View photo in high resolution: 3000 × 1959

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