German night pilot Wilhelm Herget with his crew of Messerschmitt BF.110G fighter

Wilhelm Herget

German night pilot Wilhelm Herget (right) with his crew of the Messerschmitt BF.110G fighter.

Wilhelm Herget (1910-1974) in military service in the Luftwaffe from August 1939 – after graduating from the aviation school, was enrolled in the 2nd group of the 76th Heavy Fighter Squadron.
In the years 1940-1941, during the “Battle of England,” Wilhelm Herget scored 14 air victories. In the summer of 1941, he was transferred to night fighter aircraft, served in the 3rd, then in the 1st squadron. From May 1942 Wilhelm Herget – commander of the 2nd Squadron of the 4th Fighter Squadron. On September 1, 1942, the commander of the 1st group of the 4th squadron of night fighters. After 30 victories on June 20, 1943 he was awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross.

The most famous battle of Wilhelm Herget took place on December 20, 1943: during the raid of the British bombers on Frankfurt, he shot down 8 aircraft for 50 minutes.

After 63 victories on April 11, 1944, Wilhelm Herget received the Oak Leaves to the Knight’s Cross. In January 1945, transferred from night aviation to jet aircraft (to JV.44). Flying on Messerschmitt Me.262, Wilhelm Herget scored 1 aerial victory.
In total, during the fighting, Wilhelm Herget made more than 700 sorties and scored 72 victories, 57 of them were nocturnal. Finished the war as a major.

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