Finnish Vickers tanks destroyed near the Pero station

Finnish Vickers tanks

Finnish Vickers tanks No. R-672, R-666, destroyed on February 29, 1940, when the Finns counter-attacked the positions of the 91st battalion of the Soviet 20th heavy tank brigade at Pero station.
Confirmed with the application of photographic materials in the combat log of the 20th Heavy Tank Brigade and Finnish data. According to the Finns, out of 8 tankmen 3 were killed and 1 was injured. The entry in the combat log of the 91st Battalion of the 20th Heavy Tank Brigade: “During the attack of the Pero station, two Vickers tanks were fired two kilometers north-west of Vaajakoski.

In the background, a Soviet tank T-28 from the 20th Heavy Tank Brigade.



Location: Finland
Date: February 29, 1940

In : 1940

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