Effective kamikaze attack on the American Missouri battleship

kamikaze attack

Effective attack of a kamikaze on the A6M Zero fighter on the American battleship Missouri (BB-63) during an operation to seize Okinawa. The picture was taken from one of the American aircraft carriers.

Low flying under anti-aircraft fire, the kamikaze crashed into the side of the battleship just below the deck. The wing of the aircraft flew far ahead, and the fuel from it caused a fire on the 127-mm artillery unit number 3. The damage was minor, the fire was quickly extinguished. The remains of the Japanese pilot, on orders from the captain of the ship William M. Callaghan, were buried with military honors the next day at sea; the captain considered that the young pilot did everything he could and completed his task with honor.



Location: Okinawa, Japan
Date: April 11, 1945

In : 1945

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