Damaged French tank Char B1-bis “GLORIEUX”

Char B1-bis

Tank Char B1-bis from the 3rd company of the 8th Battalion of Combat Tanks (8e BCC 3e compagnie, BCC-Batallion des Char de Combat), number 236 “GLORIEUX”. The tank was named after a French warship. “Glorieux” means “glorious”, “famous.”

May 17, 1940 the tank “GLORIEUX” is located in the town of Mo de l’En in France to defend the bridge over the canal, where it was attacked by aviation and armored vehicles of the enemy. From getting into the tank, his armor burned, which led to the burning of fuel tanks and detonation of ammunition. The crew, trying to leave the tank, fell under the fire of automatic weapons. I managed to escape only to the commander and the radio operator. The remaining three crew members died on the spot.


commander of the Char B1-bis “GLORIEUX” tank: junior lieutenant Monnier;
driver-mechanic: Senior Sergeant Jean-Baptiste Dumoneil;
radio operator: senior corporal Degrang;
Assistant driver-mechanic: Senior Cpl. Robert Pill;
second assistant driver-mechanic: corporal Francois Chavanon.



Location: France
Date: May 1940

In : 1940

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