Command of partisan detachment named after Kirov

partisan detachment

The command of the Russian partisan detachment named after Kirov from the 37th partisan brigade named after Alexander Parkhomenko of Minsk Union.
Standing from left to right: Lieutenant Syrokvashin Sergey Vasilevich, the commander of the detachment Khrapko Nikolai Borisovich, the commissar of the political instructor Golodov Vasily Emelyanovich.

They sit from left to right: the reconnaissance officer Vasily Kuchugura, the head of the special unit of the detachment Leonid Vinogradov.
Russian partisans have weapons: PPSh-41, PPD-40 submachine guns, SVD-40 self-loading rifles.



Location: Minsk region, Belorussian SSR
Date: August 1943

In : 1943

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