Captain of the German submarine U94 Herbert Kuppisch

Captain of the German submarine U94 Herbert Kuppisch

Grey Wolf” of the German Kriegsmarine – the captain of a German U-boat U94 Herbert Kuppisch.
Boat made ​​10 combat exits into the sea. Sank 26 vessels with a total deadweight 141,852 gross registered tons, damaged one ship of 8,022 grt. Sunk 28 August 1942 in the Caribbean (where Kuppisch was no longer its captain).
Captain Kuppisch died August 27, 1943 along with the entire crew (62 people) submarine U-847 type IXD2, which was sunk by aircraft from escort carrier “Card” (USS Card (AVG-11/ACV-11/CVE-11/CVHE-11/CVU-11/T-CVU-11/T-AKV-40)) to the south-west of the Azores.



Date: June 9, 1941
Author: Lothar-Günther Buchheym (who wrote the famous novel «Das Boot»)


Captain of the German submarine U94 Herbert Kuppisch: 3000 × 1904 × 300

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  1. uralbil (1 comments) 09/23/2013 Reply

    I have read a lot of literature about the captain, with this submarine during the Second World War 2, and now saw as Herbert looked. The image that emerged in my mind, on the basis of reading, it is not of course matches what they see in this photo.

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